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Quick FAQS:
1) The Godfather DVD Collection was released October 9, 2001. There is no plan to release the chronolocical Trilogy/Epic/Saga set on DVD yet.
2) You can get the Godfather font here.
3) You can find the Godfather Trilogy boxed set at Francis Coppola's online store (here), or perhaps on ebay. There are currently no plans to release the Trilogy/Saga (chronological) set on DVD.
4) I do not have WAVs or MP3s for Godfather music, or quotes beyond those on the site already.
5) Since Mario passed away, the likelihood of seeing a Godfather IV is slim to nil at this point. Francis even said "There will be no Godfather IV" at the DVD press conference. But who knows...?

What is the difference between the films and the Epic and the Trilogy boxed sets?
Check the FAQs - There are many more Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQs page

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Questions such as these may not be answered via email.

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*Before emailing me, please read above, explore the site, check the FAQs, and consider posting to the Message Board. I'm sorry to have to repeat it, but I get too many emails that could've been answered more quickly with one of these methods.


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